Ca-apatite Nanocarrier:

Drug and gene delivery is extremely critical for the success of any treatment protocol involving targeted regulation of cellular events or properties. Despite the availability of many drug and gene delivery methods truly efficient and safe protocols for universal and special tissue-targeted systems are not available. Our lab has introduced Ca-apatite nanocarrier to further potentiate the field. This nanocarrier can be produced with a comparatively uniform and desired size from nano to micro level, and can be loaded with desired cargo spanning DNA, mRNA, miRNA, siRNA, protein, drugs etc. Interestingly, the nanoparticle can be fabricated with suitable cell-recognizable molecule that is extremely advantageous for targeted delivery of the cargo to the selected tissues. Most importantly, the nanoparticle represented comparatively lower cytotoxicity than most of the existing methods.

Quick notes:
 Cost effective.
 Lower cytotoxicity.
 Diverse type of cargo
 Uniform size and shape
 Potential for targeted delivery
 Quick release of cargo in cytosol