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The effects of artificial E-cadherin matrix-induced embryonic stem cell scattering on paxillin and RhoA activation via α-catenin.

Mattias L, Haque A, Adnan N, Akaike T.

Biomaterials.  ||  2014  ||  February
Stem Cell Technology  ||  Research article


Mechanical forces have been shown to affect stem cell behavior in a large array of ways. However, our understanding of how these mechanical...


Fabrication and intracellular delivery of doxorubicin/carbonate apatite nanocomposites: effect on growth retardation of established colon tumor.

Hossain S, Yamamoto H, Chowdhury EH, Wu X, Hirose H, Haque A, Doki Y, Mori M, Akaike T.

PLoS One.  ||  2013  ||  April
Drug and Gene Delivery  ||  Research article


In continuing search for effective treatments of cancer, the emerging model aims at efficient intracellular delivery of therapeutics into t...


hE-cadherin-Fc fusion protein coated surface enhances the adhesion and proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells.

Xu J, Zhu C, Zhang Y, Jiang N, Li S, Su Z, Akaike T, Yang J.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces.  ||  2013  ||  September
Stem Cell Technology  ||  Research article


A fusion protein consisting of human E-cadherin extracellular domain and the immunoglobulin G Fc region (hE-cadherin-Fc) was prepared and u...


Imaging and therapy of liver fibrosis using bioreducible polyethylenimine/siRNA complexes conjugated with N-acetylglucosamine as a targeting moiety.

Kim SJ, Ise H, Kim E, Goto M, Akaike T, Chung BH.

Biomaterials.  ||  2013  ||  September
Regenerative Medicine  ||  Research article


Diagnosis and therapy of early stage liver fibrosis is very important for the treatment of fatal liver diseases. Here, we report on the tar...


Bile Acids Increase Levels of MicroRNAs 221 and 222, Leading to Degradation of CDX2 During Esophageal Carcinogenesis.

Matsuzaki J, Suzuki H, Tsugawa H, Watanabe M, Hossain S, Arai E, Saito Y, Sekine S, Akaike T, Kanai Y, Mukaisho K, Auwerx J, Hibi T.

Gastroenterology.  ||  2013  ||  December
 ||  Research article



Bile reflux contributes to development of Barrett's esophagus (BE) and could ...


Dynamic chemotactic response of fibroblasts to local stimulation using EGF-immobilized microbeads.

Aratsu F, Harada I, Yoshimura S, Cho CS, Akaike T, Tagawa YI.

Biomaterials.  ||  2013  ||  December
Regenerative Medicine  ||  Research article


Directional cellular migrations as a chemotactic response to spatially inhomogeneous growth factor stimulation play an important role in es...


Dynamic behaviors of vimentin induced by interaction with GlcNAc molecules.

Komura K, Ise H, Akaike T.

Glycobiology.  ||  2012  ||  December
 ||  Research article


The cytoskeleton protein vimentin is dramatically altered following pathological events such as fibrosis and tumorigenesis. Vimentin binds ...


Knockdown of PLC-gamma-2 and calmodulin 1 genes sensitizes human cervical adenocarcinoma cells to doxorubicin and paclitaxel.

Stanislaus A, Bakhtiar A, Salleh D, Tiash S, Fatemian T, Hossain S, Akaike T, Chowdhury EH.

Cancer Cell Int.  ||  2012  ||  June
 ||  Research article



RNA interference (RNAi) is a powerful approach in functional genomics to selectively silence messeng...


Preparation and characterization of a VEGF-Fc fusion protein matrix for enhancing HUVEC growth.

Yu M, Du F, Ise H, Zhao W, Zhang Y, Yu Y, Yao F, Yang J, Akaike T.

Biotechnol Lett.  ||  2012  ||  September
Regenerative Medicine  ||  Research article


To enhance vascularization of hydrophobic implants in vivo, a VEGF-Fc fusion protein consisting of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF...


Local mechanical stimulation of mardin-darby canine kidney cell sheets on temperature-responsive hydrogel.

Harada I, Yanagisawa S, Iwasaki K, Cho CS, Akaike T.

Int J Mol Sci.  ||  2012  ||  January
 ||  Research article


Collective motion of cell sheets plays a role not only in development and repair, but also in devastating diseases such as cancer. However,...