STAR Project:

Professor Akaike has envisioned and been working with a unique project for effective progress of Japanese science particularly, in stem cell technology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and drug/gene delivery. This project will form a high performance interactive environment for multidisciplinary experts spanning super senior professors, young talented researchers with proven track record from local and international arena, and fresh trainee with the desire of high impact research. The project team will be housed in a core facility and will be focusing on applied science and technology in relevant field. The proposed finance of the project will mainly covered by commercial organizations interested for research product or technology, and partially by the governmental support. The financers will have the priority of benefit from the research outcome of the project to offset their investment.

Quick notes:
 Top level branding.
 Lower establishment cost.
 International collaboration.
 Continuous flow of top experts.
 Blending of old and fresh bloods.
 Integrated interdisciplinary functional team.